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Success in today's Asian market poses unique challenges for even the most experienced international companies. False perceptions, unfamiliar cultures and dependence on foreign sales representatives, discourage many companies from taking advantage of the opportunities that exist in the region. Now, more than ever before, it is vital to have pro-active representation on the ground to pursue on-going projects and identify new business opportunities.

Personal Introductions

Success in Asia is often dependent upon who you know, as well as what you know. ACI's partners, with over 55 years of collective experience in Asia, have developed an extensive network of personal contacts in the business and diplomatic communities.

Information Gathering & Analysis

ACI assists clients by gathering and analyzing information in response to their individual needs. Many of ACI's clients have learned from experience that reliance on local foreign sales representatives often results in information that is inaccurate and self-serving.

Political-Economic Counsel

Nearly all Asian countries are undergoing profound political and economic changes. Reliable interpretation of political and economic developments is more critical than ever for success in the Asian marketplace.

US Government Support

ACI's partners and associates have unsurpassed experience in working with US Embassy Country Teams and in negotiating the complexities of counter-trade and off-set programs. In today's competitive environment it is essential to field an experienced corporate team, capable of harnessing the resources of the US Government to lobby in support of US products. It is equally important to know that your interests are represented and protected by experienced professionals of proven integrity who are familiar with US laws and regulations for conducting business overseas.

Program Management

In the absence of an in-country corporate representative, ACI can effectively manage the day-to-day activities associated with developing a new program or maintaining an on-going venture. ACI's partners support its clients by keeping responsible corporate officers abreast of developments, coordinating with foreign sales representatives and managing the day-to-day activities associated with developing or maintaining a successful program. ACI's services are not only cost effective, but also provide the client with representatives who are intimately familiar with local customs, languages and business practices.